Bairnsdale Wedding Photographer

Nic + Jack

It’s always a little nerve racking to shoot another photographer! Nic is the face behind Light & Type and certainly knows her way around a camera! It was an honour to shoot her wedding and engagement session with her main man Jack.

Alison + Jesse | Redcourt Homestead

Alison + Jesse were wed in East Gippsland at the beautiful Redcourt Homestead grounds. We were b-l-e-s-s-e-d with some autumn Victorian weather and spent the day clouded in glorious (warm!) sunshine - all the better for bush walking/sea-side smooching! We ventured a little outside of the Redcourt grounds but returned in time for THE most magic sunset light! One of my favourite parts of the tail end of the SS wedding season. Loved up and surrounded by their nearest and dearest - Alison and Jesse’s wedding was a ‘goodun to finish off my season.