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Hi! I’m Lisa - mama, wife, expert list writer, perpetual nerd and photo taker.

I live in Central Gippsland with my husband Derek, our sweet 1-year old babe Charlotte and our fur baby - Elliot the cat. I have an unhealthy addiction to ‘The Block’, buy far too many indoor plants, and have a secret obsession with the “Guilty Pleasures” playlist on Spotify.

I’ve been running this biz of mine since 2013. In that time I’ve had the honour of being invited into some really precious and sacred moments. I’ve been able to freeze moments of complete joy, and heart-breaking sadness. I don’t take this job of mine lightly and treasure each opportunity to get busy behind the lens. From weddings, to births, to baptisms and baby bumps - I’ve been lucky enough to document some of life’s truly wondrous moments.

My creative approach is to tell your story, as it is. I’m not a huge fan of staging moments and excessive poses. I prefer to encourage candid moments between you and your people - all the in beauty of natural light. I don’t operate out of a studio and love to shoot in your home or beautiful outdoor locations. I get excited about light, love, intimacy and the magic moments shared between families and lovers.

I’m passionate about photography and investing in photographs for each season in life. When all is said and done, all we have left to remember and mark an event or an evolving family is our photographs. It goes fast - too fast.

Want to make some magic happen? Let’s talk!